Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vision Beautiful - for January 30, 2011

First, think about these questions:

• If you had to take a friend to the most holy place you ever saw or visited or felt, where would this most holy place be?

• What is one thing in life that people chase after which is supposed to bring great happiness?

Read Matthew 5:1-12

Now, think about these questions:

• Which one of these blessings seems to be the most challenging?

• Why is it so challenging or what is so challenging about it?

• What surprises you about this teaching from Jesus?

• For whom are these words good news?

• For whom might these words be frightening?

• Once we commit to depending on Him, or being humble, or merciful, or making peace, or by wanting to obey God, etc....He blesses us with great happiness. What seems to bring you great happiness?

Now, read Micah 6:1-8

A few more questions:

• What does God require of us?

• Who has been an example for you of doing these things?

• What super hero has the qualities God wants us to exhibit in life?

• What weakness does this super hero have?

• What is one thing that people should do to make this world a better place for those who live here?

Look into your partner's heart. What quality has God placed there that makes life more exciting, enjoyable, and beautiful?

Extra Reading: Ecclesiastes 3:9-14

Just for fun (and a prize), the clue for a specific day and time we'll meet at McDonalds for further conversation can be found in Esther 5:12. Call or email Mike or Pastor Susan if you have any questions. Remember, we post this guide on Sunday (Jan. 23), so don't wait to begin reading.

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