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Restoring Beauty - February 6, 2011

Restoring Beauty

Take a moment to think about Thanksgiving dinner, homemade Christmas
cookies, Grandma’s cooking, something that someone has added special
flavor to, that you have tasted. What is one thing that you get really,
really, really hungry for?

What is something that you think God gets really hungry for? Why?

Do you know anyone who seems to think like God, or like God would want
them to think? What do you notice, or feel, or think when you are around

Matthew 13:44
God loves a joyful giver, which seems to be a challenge at times. What
is something that is really hard to give up, even for God or your best

Read Matthew 5:13-16

Draw a big circle on a sheet of paper. Think of words that others have
used to describe you and write those words outside the circle on the
paper. Write the words that you would use to describe yourself inside
the circle (at least 5 inner and 5 outer positive descriptions).
Place salt and light outside the circle. Reflect together, on ways in
which descriptions can either limit us or free us in terms of what we can
do and be.

God describes us as salt. Remember that salt was used to both preserve
food and to add flavor to food. How might you not only preserve life but
add flavor to life, especially for those around you?

Isaiah 58:2, 6-10
What does this passage say about you living as “light in the world”?
What is one thing that you can do to let your light shine?

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