Thursday, January 7, 2010

Belonging ...

In Conamara, when someone asks a child who he is, the child is not simply asked for his name. The question is "To whom do you belong?"

Who are you?


  1. Who am I?

    This is an interesting question, but I do know who I am.

    When I was young, I remember on several occasions getting up and coming down the stairs in the morning to the sweet smell of bacon frying, and eggs and pancakes and dad would shout out as I cam hustling to the kitchen, "Good morning sunshine!"

    I am sure that God has sent me to different people for different be a friend, neighbor, teacher, brother, student, father, papa, husband, mentor, etc., but as long as I live, I will always remember my father's smile and the joy in his voice as he shouts out, "Good morning sunshine!" I will always be sunshine, sunshine sent from heaven to whomever it reaches.


  2. Belonging - My first response is I belong to God, for He made me, making me His belonging. Just as the things I have in my home belong to me because I bought them and care for them, I belong to God for the exact same reasons. I wish I always walked in this understanding. Too often I allow myself to belong to others. I allow them to decide who I am and what I should be called. Then without fail I find they are not always good caretakers of their belongings. Belonging to God is not like that. Belonging to God comes with some amazing perks. Peace, joy, hope, love... just to name a few. Belonging to God is to always be accepted. It is always being able to go home. It is to always know I am heard and loved. Belonging to God is all guards down bare soul living unafraid. It is the end of my longing because of His.