Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Belonging ... Part II

So, if we all belong to God,
then what is our relationship to each other?

Does this mean we belong to each other also?
Or maybe with each other?

And what does it mean for us to belong to/with each other?
Through anything?
In any circumstances?
With no limits?

"Christianity means community through Jesus Christ and in Jesus Christ. No Christian community is more or less than this. ... We belong to one another only through and in Jesus Christ."
(Dietrich Bonhoeffer in "Life Together")

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  1. My heart and soul have a different answer to this question than my mind does. Immediately my mind says we belong to/with each other but let me put up the fence to show you where all my boundaries and limits are. My mind likens to Robert Frost's Poem the "Mending Wall" which states "Good fences make good neighbors." The poem speaks of two neighbors who meet once a year to mend the wall that separates their property line. The only time the neighbors speak is as they are replacing the stones that will ensure their separateness. Sometimes I am like this. Greeting people in church, but with a pew in between us for comfort. Or a birthday wish sent in a text instead of a real phone conversation. This is not belonging. This is the art of not belonging but appearing as though I do. This is what my mind likes.

    But my heart and soul constantly scold me for such behavior. For they know we do belong to one another (though I have tried to convince them otherwise) My heart always draws me into people. My heart always finds them fascinating and valuable. My heart always tells me to love through anything, any circumstance, without limit. But maturity has taught me not boundaries, or limits or conditions, but truth. I belong to God first, and my relationship with Him is first, above all else, even myself. (I have had to let go of myself before so I could belong to God) I must pay attention, as Susan mentioned last week, to that belonging most of all. If I am paying attention to that, I will know all I need to know about belonging to/with everyone else I encounter. Love or belonging, for I think they are the same, is about what is best for people, not always what is easy. I belong to you to tell you the truth, to encourage you, to help you grow, to point the way or hold the rope when you cannot. I belong with you in purpose in Christ and what we have been called to do. I am part of your team where we each have specific gifts and abilities and a calling to share those with one another so that we might all enjoy Kingdom living.


  2. I suppose we belong with like-minded people, or with people who have a common goal or common interests. This can include a large number of people we BELONG with.

    But belonging to someone is entirely different. One thought is that we belong TO those that we owe. The obvious question is whom do we owe and what do we owe them.

    Just a few thoughts here:

    We belong to our parents...the Bible says we owe them respect.

    We belong to ourselves (often overlooked)...we owe ourselves the truth.

    We belong to God...we owe him our trust and all that goes with that.