Sunday, March 13, 2011

Reflection Questions for the End of the Day

So - at the end of the day, gently reflect upon these questions before you go to sleep:

- Has my heart been open to the voice of God today?
- Has my heart been open to the voices of my sisters and brothers today?
- Have I worked with joy or drudgery today?
- Have I waited with grace or impatience today?
- Have I sought the face of Christ in my encounters today?
- Have I seen the blessings of this day?
- How have I affected the quality of this day?
- Is there anyone, including myself, that I need to forgive?
- What do I know (being made in the image of God) but live as if I do not know?

[Adapted from "Seven Sacred Pauses" by Macrina Wiederkehr]

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