Monday, February 21, 2011

Putting Love First - February 27, 2011

Make a list of things that demand your time, your attention, and your

Which item on the list above is most important and which is least

What must you do to seek God’s way and participate in the present and
future reign of God?

How often must you (I) focus on God?

What happens when we focus on ourselves and our needs instead of focusing
on God?

Matthew 6:24
Do we every worry? What causes us to worry? What do we worry about?

Matthew 6:25-34
What happens when we realize God is present in our lives?

Who is God?

How might we attend to God’s presence?

Once we know God and know what God desires, we can what?

What is first and foremost with God?

How can the worries of this world distract us from a relationship with

How do the birds and wildflowers celebrate God?

In church we celebrate that God cares for us. How does this celebrating
bring us closer to God?

Challenge (must have name of person and scripture (book/chapter/verse)
posted on facebook, along with answers to questions above): What lady
waited four score and 4 years to meet Jesus, and how did she honor

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