Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fishing, Peter & Jesus

John 21:1-14
The disciples, having gone back to fishing for fish, suddenly encounter Jesus again. And there are several opportunities for response:
- Put your nets out on the other side of the boat.
- It's the Lord!
- Come and eat!

What would you have done?
I think Jesus issues those same kinds of invitations today.
What do we do now?

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  1. What would I have done? Hmmmm. Let's assume I am past the shock of a risen Lord, even after he has appeared to me several times before this. But still, come on, I saw Him die right? If He keeps appreaing like this, out of no where, almost like a stalker, how can I move on and be normal again? OHHHHH, I get it, perhaps I am not supposed to "move on". Perhaps my life is supposed to change - dramatically---- forever.
    In that case, call me Peter out of the boat so fast I forget we aren't at shore and I plunge into the water. It's hard to think about eating when a miracle of might and power is the one who fixed your breakfast, but at the same time, how do you refuse? So I am eating. Partly in hopes I can keep my foolish mouth shut and not be the Peter with his foot in his mouth just a few verses later. "It's the Lord", this one I get. No questions asked this time around, they got it. No need to feel his scars, they remember His voice, His presence. I get this. I know when I am in His presence. I know when I have left behind my business and have taken my shoes off to stand on Holy ground. He still invites us to fill our nets, to eat and follow. Hopefully, I am as attentive as these men were and as willing to respond. I know I don't always answer the way I should, I guess I just hope that I answer more tomorrow than I did today.


  2. I think I would have been in shock and unable to talk without babbling. It is still amazing to me that Jesus came back & walked along side those he had been teaching. How awesome to have been there & been taught by Him, watched Him die, witnessed that He had risen and then see Him return. Would I have put the nets on the other side of the boat? Why not, worth a try, huh. Oh, you are the Lord? Whoa, maybe I should pay a little more attention. Eat fish & bread? Wow, I'm not sure I want to do that, I think I want to eat & drink the words you are speaking to me. I'm not sure when and if I will see you again so I want to pay attention. I need to get this so that I can "feed your sheep" because that's what you directed me to do and because of my love for you and all you have done for me, I want to do as you have asked of me.