Saturday, February 6, 2010

And finally ... not without grace!

So - this is the last piece of this conversation about belonging ...
We belong to God - to each other - all together ... but not without grace!
This is hard to separate from the piece about love -
If we love one another, should that not overcome all the sruggles of being in community? But I think we know from experience, it might not.
It also takes grace - God's grace!
What do you think?

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  1. I believe grace comes after love. I know many people love like little children who are very loving, they need love and love others, but grace comes along later. I beliee grace is love with another dimension, maybe forgiveness or meercy with a touch of humbleness. Love seems like the total package until you've experienced grace.

    We used to farm for this family when I was growing up, and they were very special. Mom always said they were gracious; she only used this term for her grandmother and for this family. In my book, that means they were full of grace. They have been a great example for me all of my life, and I hope someday...well pretty soon, I might be an example for someone else. Remember, I said grace comes along later! The only way to receive and give grace is to know The Source personally!!


  2. Grace is needed especially for anyone who knows anyone. Even those we love the most get under our skin sometimes, perhaps even more than others because we are around them the most. And sometimes, love just isn't enough. Maybe it would be if I could love like God, but being that I am only human,my love is never enough. My love always has a last straw or a boundary line. But grace, oh grace, covers all. When my heart says enough is enough grace whispers, not yet, turn one the other cheek one more time. When I am ready to throw the first stone, grace steps in and draws in the sand. When I am surrounded by those who wish to bring me down, grace lets me sleep with lions. WHen I am weak, grace is sufficient for me. Grace covers all those places where my love cannot or will not go. Grace is the hidden strength I need to be more like God. Grace stretches me beyond how I thought I could love. And because it is given to me as a gift I do not deserve, I know that is exactly how I must also give it to others. Freely and with out expectation. Grace allows us to belong together as humans full of flaws. Love allows me to love you for who you are, grace allows me to love you in spite of who you are.